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Serving the People of Brevard County, Florida
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League of Women Voters of the Space Coast

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Programs of Work:
International Relations
Local Government
-----Observer Corps
Natural Resources
------FL SUN
------Indian River Lagoon
Women's Issues

Our League is committed to Sustainability which is covered by each of the above programs of work.  Sustainability interconnects the work areas and therefore we have a dedicated consultant to coordinate between each of our work groups.

Support Committees/Efforts:
Voter Services/Voter Advocacy/CRC/NPVIC
Speaker's Bureau
Facebook Editing
Website and Newsletter Editing

By-laws / Policies and Procedures


Registers and educates voters.
Sponsors and Co-Hosts candidate forums.
Meets with all Brevard County Legislators.
Holds meetings for the public to learn and study international relations subjects.
Publishes a newsletter (The Voter) and eNewsletters as needed to keep membership informed.
Maintains a website ( and a Facebook account that contains pertinent up-to-date information.
Advocates for Legislative Issues according to Study and Action.
Hosts "Timely Topic" meetings to educate citizens on public affairs issues.
Provides speakers to address issues that appear on the ballot for the General Election.
Monitors and certifies elections for local organizations.
Publishes CONTACT, a directory for elected officials every two years.
Sponsors a recycling Awards Program in cooperation with Brevard Public Schools.


  • Implemented a Member Management System, Club Express, that enables members and more importantly our board to share information.The system includes Website management that has a public and a member interface and allows multiple levels of administrative management so many users can keep information up to date.This was a lot of work but should allow a smoother transition of board positions and enable engagement with more members.
  • Completed 2018 legislative priorities with the State Board
  • Held a Strategic Planning Session with the Board, John Byron was the moderator, to determine our strengths and weaknesses and we developed a plan to improve major areas of concern.This is still a work in progress that we report on at our board meetings.
  • Lots of work with sustainability to include many of us attending an IFAS course, plus support and push for municipal sustainability boards, and public speaking and education
  • Survived Hurricane Irma! Actually, we gained a lot of publicity for our Solar Coop, we had a post describing how the Sunnyboy inverters could work as a generator during the daytime that received a lot of attention to include an article in a Tallahassee newsletter.
  • Met with some of our local legislators to ask them questions regarding their views towards our priorities.
  • Held a very fun Fundraiser at the Melbourne Muscle Car Museum
  • Provided priority legislation presentations to the Brevard Annual Legislative Delegation Meeting in September.
  • Held a Wine and Wisdom event on the National Popular Vote and Sharon Mixon continues to provide speakers bureau services on NPV to various organizations throughout our county.
  • We held a panel discussion timely topic on Healthcare back in Sept.
  • The Justice Committee led a petition drive for Restoration of Felon rights and held a 2nd chances Timely Topic Luncheon where 2 felons and LWVFL 2nd VP Cecile Scoon who is a civil rights attorney spoke.
  • Held candidate forums in the fall for 2 municipalities.We currently have 2018 forums planned, we are teamed with Fl Today and Fl Eastern State College.We anticipate scheduling additional forums, possibly for municipalities.
  • Held a Timely Topic to understand how the North Brevard Economic Development Zone operates and could be a model for revitalization of a community.
  • Attended Lobby Days in Tallahassee with the state League
  • Constitution Revision Commission (CRC) Public Hearing at the King Center:  Supported a press conference led by our LWVFL State President. Many of us testified against bad proposals moving forward by CRC.We will continue to keep Brevard informed regarding amendments expected to be on the 2018 ballot.
  • Held an Education Timely Topic with Dr Blackburn as speaker to hear his insights on Civics Educations and Students Right to Protest.
  • Held a Craft Beer and Conversation event at HellnBlazes with Speaker Dan Bennett to talk about Charter Schools.
  • Started and now revitalizing an Observer Corps
  • We received a grant for a Youth Voter Registration and we have had great success registering students at 7 high schools so far, and more to come.
  • Supported the local March for Our Lives 
  • Held a Timely Topic on “Addressing the Culture of Sexual Harassment”
  • Conducted a Membership Survey and summarized results in a newsletter
  • Held a Timely Topic at the Brevard Zoo - Lets Get Better Together .....

Our History

The League of Women Voters (LWV) was founded in 1920 by Carrie Chapman Catt shortly before the Women's Suffrage Amendment was ratified. After years of hard work and organizing, women across the country suddenly had the right to vote so the LWV next structured itself to help those newly enfranchised women become politically educated and responsible voting citizens. In 1973, the national charter was modified giving men the opportunity to join the League.


Over the years the League has opened the door to intellectual activity and involvement in political life. When the political establishment first began seeing women as capable of serving on local boards and holding office, they naturally began seeking their advice and support. The League continues to study many issues and actively promotes reform where necessary. The LWV remains a pertinent citizen voice in local governance and will continue to serve as a training ground for many community leaders to come.


The Florida League was formed in 1939 by three local Leagues: St. Petersburg, Winter Haven and Winter Park-Orlando. Currently in Florida there are 29 local leagues statewide. Nationally the LWV is in every state as well as Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and worldwide as far away as Hong Kong with a total of 900 state and local leagues.

Space Coast history goes back to 1948 when the first League in Brevard County, the League of Women Voters of Cocoa, was formed with twenty-one members. When the original charter was granted the League asked to be called the Central Brevard League. This request was denied since county appellations could not be used.


In 1953 the request was again made and denied.


Since the LWV locally, through membership and activity, truly represented Central Brevard rather than simply Cocoa, in 1960 the request to change the name was finally granted and effective Sept. 1, 1960 the organization became known as the LWV of Central Brevard.


In the meantime, a group in the south end of the county formed the South Brevard League in 1958, and the Central Brevard League was pleased to cooperate with its sister League in the south. The 72 mile county received a wider dissemination of information on political issues and local concerns.


Ten years later, 1970 came another name change-the Cape Kennedy Area LWV.


The Cape LWV program included water pollution, land use and growth under county government, modernization of local government, support of county programs to stregthen health, education and welfare, and support for the Cape's yardstick on charter government.

South Brevard programs covered local government services, organization, land use, finance and taxation policies and procedures governing major political parties in Brevard. A major continued program was a study of the water resources of South Brevard.

Community services included publications, i.e., "Contact", "Election Extra" and "This is Brevard County". The Leagues provided local voter registration drives, staffing of voting machines, candidate forums and studies in areas of general citizen concerns.


In May of 1978 a leadership crisis faced the LWV of South Brevard, due to a move out of state by its president. However, the problem was resolved and the League continued to operate. Discussion began about ways of cutting down on duplication of projects by both Leagues. Inevitably this led to talk of combining the Cape Kennedy and South Brevard chapters and on Nov. 19, 1979 those Leagues consolidated to become the LWV of the Space Coast. The first annual meeting was held in April of 1980.