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Program of Work for 2019-2020
Program of Work


1. Monitor and support equitable access to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathmatics) programs and achievement in all educational programs in Brevard Public Schools.
2. Monitor and support the students in transition and children of low socio-economic status attending Brevard Public Schools.
3. Monitor and promote developmentally early childhood education for all in Brevard County concentrating on greater accountability and transparency in financial management and reporting.
4. Research, monitor and report on the adequacy of and advances in educational technology in Brevard Public Schools; ensure adequate technology funding and supervise the delivery of the online continuity plan for the present and any future disruptions. 
5. Continue to monitor charter schools’ capital funding allocation to Brevard County and monitor state legislative actions, concentrating on greater accountability and transparency in financial management and recording.
6. Promote civics and citizen education for all K-12 students in Brevard Public Schools.
7. Monitor and report on the implementation of the half cent sur-tax on sales funding for Brevard Public Schools.
8. Explore the extent and oversight of school vouchers given to Brevard County private schools from public and/or private funding.
9. Research and monitor the career and technical pathways available to students attending Brevard Public Schools.
10 Monitor and report youth suicide and support youth suicide prevention and mental health intervention for teachers, administrators and support staff in Brevard County. 
11. Explore the available support to Brevard Public Schools teachers to enable the delivery of high quality education for all students.
12. Promote and support student interventions and avenues for modifying and reporting threatening/suspicious behavior to prevent violent actions against BPS (Brevard Public Schools) students and faculty.

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Education Positions
Education Positions
The League of Women Voters of the Space Coast supports the education positions of LWVUS and LWVFL to advocate for adequacy, equity and sustainability for our nation’s public schools and early childhood education.

Specifically in the areas of:

1. Adequacy

     1.1 Class size

     1.2 Budget control (Federal, State, Local)

     1.3 Higher Education

2. Equity

     2.1 Promotion, retention, suspension policies

     2.2 Parent Involvement

     2.3 Parent Education

3. Sustainability

     3.1 Administrative to teacher ratios

     3.2 School based management

     3.3 Testing frequency

     3.4 Text books and technology

     3.5 Curriculum guidelines

     3.6 Vocational Programs

     3.7 Security

     3.8 Teacher recruitment and retention

4. Support voluntary affordable early childhood education programs for first 5 years of life.