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Observer Corps

"All politics is local", Tip O'Neill, former U.S. Speaker of the House

The actions of local government bodies directly impact our daily lives and future.  Whether the members are elected or appointed, their decisions and processes are of vital importance to every citizen of a community.

Would you like to learn more about our local government, and at the same time make a genuine contribution to the League of Women Voters, Space Coast?  The Observer Corps is seeking volunteers to attend and report to LWVSC on local government meetings.

Observers attend meetings of local agencies and organizations that affect the future growth, economics, education, and ongoing government of our county.  Our purpose as Observers is to inform the LWVSC of current local government activities and issues, and to build congenial relationships between these groups and the LWVSC.  Some groups currently being observed include the Brevard County Commission, Canaveral Port Authority, Brevard County School Board and City Council meetings of several municipalities.

Observers attend meetings as neutral non-participants, simply listening to the proceedings and preparing a short report after the meetings.  While it is most effective to observe meetings in person, many local government meetings are televised or may be viewed online.  Observer reports are summarized monthly by the coordinator and sent to the LWVSC Board.  Issues or concerns related to LWVSC priorities are discussed and may lead to additional attention or action.

If you want to make a meaningful contribution to the LWVSC and to the quality of local government in your community, please join us.  Contact Joanne Terry, OC Coordinator, at for further details.  A brief orientation is required before participating as an Observer.

Observer Corps Reports: