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Women's Issues

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Women's Issues Program
Women's Issues Program
1. Monitor Reproductive Issues at the state and local level.
2. Monitor available open seats on the city council, school board, and other vacancies to fill before and during each election year:
     a. Encourage women to consider the opportunity to run for a political seat on the local or    state levels.
     b. Use Social Media to encourage young women to vote.
3. Educate women on available community resources  such as Women’s Center, Brevard Family Partnership, Brevard 211 etc.
4. Educate working women on the Equal Employment complaint process.
5. Encourage women to speak out when they experience disparate treatment.
6. Educate women on the difference between sexual harassment and sexual assault.
7. Participate in community health fairs to inform and distribute information on women's issues.
8. Monitor local businesses websites to address policies pertaining to women's issues. for example, pregnancy, breast feeding, Family and Medical Leave, disability, etc.
9.  Monitor and educate community on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transsexual and Questionable (LGBTQ) concerns and issues.
10. Monitor and advocate, as appropriate, gun legislation, in conjunction with the LWVFL Gun Safety Action Team.
11. Work with the state to support and monitor passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.

Women's Issues Program