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Serving the People of Brevard County, Florida
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Justice Committee

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Justice Program of Work
Justice Program of Work

1. Educate the Public on Amendment 4, the Felon Restoration Initiative.
2. Continue to be  engaged with Brevard County Felon Re-entry Coalition.
3. Monitor Juvenile Injustice and Racial Profiling in Brevard County.
4. Increase awareness Human Trafficking.
5. Request periodic updated statistics on discipline from Brevard County Schools Administration.
6. Investigate alternative to juvenile incarceration; look at increasing Diversion Programs for Juveniles.
7. Monitor and advocate, as appropriate gun legislation, in conjunction with the LWVFL gun safety action team.

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Justice Positions
Justice Positions

Support for:

1. Alternative schools for chronically disruptive students featuring small

class sizes, with emphasis on counseling and job training as well as

academic programs.

2. Investigate alternatives to incarceration.

3. Educational opportunities, both academic and work related, should be

required in all correctional facilities, whether juvenile or adult.

4. Juvenile supervision centers with trained staff.

5. Small rehabilitation centers featuring home-based intensive programs

for first or second time non-violent offenders guilty of minor drug

related crimes should be established county-wide.

6. Diversion programs for juveniles should be increased.

7. There should be an adequate number of juvenile judges to handle

    increasing case loads.

8. Violent juveniles should be incarcerated in secure facilities where

counseling and academic and vocational education is provided as well

as specific work programs.

 9. Agencies providing similar or identical services to juveniles that

 depend on county funding should be combined.

10. A reasonable number of free drug clinics for the indigent should be

 established to divert non-violent offenders from the prison system. 

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