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Health Committee

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Health Program of Work
Health Program of Work

1. Monitor and report on any changes to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and advocate for adequate health insurance coverage for all Floridians.

2. Monitor changes to Medicare and the Florida Medicaid program.

3. Monitor funding and implementation of children’s health insurance programs including:

   a. Efforts to provide basic health care for all children in Brevard County.

   b. Outreach to increase enrollment in the KidCare program for eligible children.

4. Monitor and advocate for major health issues with an emphasis on:

   a. Mental Health

   b. HIV/AIDS

   c. Women’s Health Issues

   d. Oral Health Services
   e. Gun legislation, in conjunction with the LWVF Gun Safety Action Team
   f. Opioid Crisis

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Health Positions
Health Positions
Support for the Health Care positions of the LWVUS:

1. The League of Women Voters of the United States believes that a

basic level of health care at an affordable cost should be available to all

U.S. residents.

2. Other U.S. health care policy goals should include the equitable

distribution of services, efficient and economical delivery of care,

advancement of medical research and technology and a reasonable

total national expenditure level for health care.

3. Every U.S. resident should have access to a basic level of care that

includes the prevention of disease, health promotion and education,

 primary care (including prenatal care and reproductive health), acute

care, long-term care and mental health care.  Dental, vision and hearing

care also are important but lower in priority.

4. The League believes that under any system of health care reform,

consumers/patients should be permitted to purchase services of insurance

coverage beyond the basic level.

5. Support for full service schools that provide physical and mental

 health services for all students.