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Serving the People of Brevard County, Florida

LWVSC  Board  -  April 2019 to April 2020




Jo Shim             2019-2021


1st VP / Public Relations Chair (also State Health Chair, so training Molly Domin for succession and may delegate to her):                 

Rob Grisar       2019-2021

2nd VP / Voter Services Chair:              



Diane Conaway                                   2019-2021



Brigitte Sinton                                                2018-2020


Elected Directors

Membership / Editor

Lucia Watson                                          2019-2021



Membership Co-Chair

Krista Soboh                                              2019-2021

Hospitality and Health/Women’s Issues

Brooke Goldfarb                 2019-2021

International Relations  

Joyce Calese                                             2018-2020


Molly Domin                                       2018-2020


 APPOINTED Directors 2019- 2020:

Local Government co-chair         

Terry LaPlante           

Education  Chair         

Fran Baer           

Natural Resources Chair                        

Susan Little                              

Data Management – Website Coordinator                                     

Barbara Williams  


Speakers Bureau

Audrey Grayson         




2019 Nominating Committee(non-voting position)

Elected Chair:        

Doreen Archer and Marilza Novaes-Card have stepped in

Alberta Wilson – elected

Board Appointed:

Barbara Williams –

Krista Soboh –


Other Offboard Support:

Natural Resources Support    Maureen Rupe

Social Media /Recycling   Marcia Booth        

The LWV Space Coast President, First Vice President, Second Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer are elected by the general membership at the annual meeting. The President, first Vice President and Secretary are elected in odd numbered years and the second Vice President and Treasurer are elected in even numbered years thus all terms of office are two years.