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Women's Issues

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Women's Issues Program
Women's Issues Program
1. Monitor legislative bills that could have a detrimental effect on Florida's women and children thereby putting them at potential risk.
2. Track the progress of legislation, committee reviews, bill status and alert league membership as well as aligned organizations and groups of the need for "Calls to Action".
3. Encourage county and state public officials and our state governor to do the necessary, independent bipartisan expert sociological and economic studies on the likely impact of proposed new laws on women and children including quantifying their fiscal impact.
4. Encourage and support properly funded state budgets for Social Services, Legal Aid, Health and Welfare, and Domestic Violence initiatives to insure that necessary resources and services are provided.
5. Coordinate with other central Florida bi-partisan organizations to share strategies and tactics to improve the legislation and the overall legislative climate towards women's and children's welfare in Florida.
6. Work  with LWVFL state board to formulate a state-wide "family law' position and work statements based on best practices in other state leagues to equitably protect women's and children's health and well being.
7. Monitor, study and respond to issues which affect the well being of women and children on local, state and national levels.

Women's Issues Program